Thursday, April 30, 2009

Newest Additions

Well I figured if I'm going to be farming on a much larger scale, I might as well go for it. These are Black Aussie chicks ranging from one day old to ten days old. There are fourteen in total. I am hoping that the chicken gods do not bless me with to many roosters, but one never knows what will happen when you have a mixed bag. The sheep on the other hand I know immediately what I'm getting. I really like that whole concept much better. Well here it goes, just another adventure in farming and I do love farming. Ciaou for know.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Workin with color

Today is the day I just get to let my imagination run wild. I have a lime green color for a warp on the loom and ten brand new colors to work with, from green to blues to pinks to reds etc...I am even going to throw some of the frabjous silk fibres in the mix. I promise to take some pictures. Oh yes and by the way all the other colors WOOL of course.. Have a good one

Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Day

As we go along in life what I have realized is there are doers and there are dreamers, and in the past week If I had any doubt about whether I was one or the other it became very clear that I am defiantly a doer. As a friend of my said you have gone from pause into fast forward, and that is exactly what it feels like. In a little more then a week I have gone from owning ten sheep into being the proud owner of forty some ewes, twenty plus lambs and a couple rams, life is good here on the farm.