Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New warp colors for bags

First picture is just to give you an idea of how large Aydin has grown, in this photo he is only 7 months old, he is know 9 months and even bigger still. He is such a joy (most of the time) he does have his days but still remains very sweet in nature, his favorite place to be is right beside me were ever I am. He has been over seeing the work that has been going on with the new warp on the loom, these are the latest colors that will be used for the bags. We have narrowed it down to four different bag designs and know I can just focus on colors and textures. I am so glad that we have finally narrowed it down to the four designs it makes it much easier to concentrate on what is going to be rather than always wondering what is..... Not to sure if that makes any sense to everyone but I understand it totally hahaha!! Well off to finish putting on the next warp, will keep you all posted. Hope to have some more pictures of the bags by the end of the week, keep your fingers crossed.


  1. beyooootiful colours - can't wait to see the finished bags and Aydin is so big! Wow.

  2. soo... he's a loom guard dog? :)
    nice to have him by your side isn't it?
    ...weaving looks wonderful of course!