Thursday, July 9, 2009

Yes!! Here comes the sun

Finally a day of sunshine, I have been waiting for a day of good weather so I could do some serious wool dying. I have been working on my rugs but it just dosen't do it for me. I have to be working with wool in order to get my mojo going. After all I am known as the wool lady to the folks at the market, and we do not want to disappoint anyone. It has been pretty slow at the market the past two weeks but I am hoping that this week with the weather being not so rainy we will get more people out there, and sell sell sell!!!!
On the Aydin front, he has grown to be as big as Zack (my 6 year old border collie), he is know four months old and remains to be as gentle as can be. He loves Owen and refuses to let him out of his site. He has become much braver around the sheep and lambs and they seem to be excepting him as well. Off to do farm chores and back to work I go.

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