Saturday, May 30, 2009

Akbash puppy has arrived

He is here all safe and sound. He arrived at the airport Thursday night after a two day trip from Oregon. He is 11 weeks old and weighs over 36 lbs, (just a little guy). He and I spent the day out in the field with the sheep on and off yesterday, he is a bit shy but I don't think that will last to long. The llama is not excepting him at all he attempted to attack the puppy at one point in time, I am going to have to put the llama some where away from here for awhile until the pup gets bigger. The orphan lamb and the pup hang out together a lot, and the border collie Zack makes sure everyone stays just were their suppose to. The bigger sheep and baby's are all doing well and enjoying lots nice fresh pasture. Must go I think puppy may need to pee..


  1. what a complete sweetheart!! Can'twait to meet him. Name?

  2. I just decided this afternoon to call him Aydin it means Enlightened in Turkish. I can not wait for you to meet everyone.

  3. He is sooooo cute, I can not wait to meet him! I hope that Toad leaves him alone... good luck