Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sheepy Sheepy Everywere!!!!!

They are finally home!

There are sheep every where . It is so great to have them home with me. It feels like a new beginning, one that I am truly grateful for. The move went by without a hitch thanks to the three guys that were there to help (Thanks so much guys). It feels a little surreal at this point, I wish you all could just hear them baaing away, they seem to be very happy running around discovering their new surroundings.. I wish I could understand sheep talk hehehe.

Oh yes and I must not forget to mention the little devil that has taken up residence in the house, he has adopted one of my rag rugs as his own, he has imprinted me and won't let me out of his site. He is a bottle baby that his mom was not producing enough milk for, so I became the mom, bottle feeding every two hours during the day until he gets strong enough to be put back with the herd.


  1. Oh Kim - this is so good! I miss Lambsy Divy - when is he going to visit his auntie again? Perhaps I need to make a house call???
    lotsa love,

  2. Hi Kim
    It must be just so lovely to gaze out your window and see a hill of sheep. They are "home".
    ba, ba, grunt, grunt!!

  3. Hi Jan, You are welcome to make a house call at anytime - lambsy divy would love to see auntie..

  4. Hey Kim,
    I can not wait to come for another visit to see all those babies!!!! Hope everyone is doing well, we have to get together for another wine night!!!!! Sorry I did not get back to you today, had to go to Windsor for 4-H and then book it to the airport to pick up know 1000 things to do and not enough time to go it!
    Have a great day