Sunday, May 3, 2009

This little piggy!!!

Well it may seem that I have totally taken leave of my senses, but could anyone out there leave these two cute little runts behind? I ask you?? I went to visit my sheep on Friday with my friend Karin. They are still lambing but I should be able to bring them home in about a week or so. I was just going to check out the sheep, but one should never take a fellow farmer with you that is interested in pigs. After spending time with the sheep we took a walk over to the pig barn so
Karin could check out the breeding stock. Well there they were these little tiny runts just running around like they owed the place, the next words out of my mouth were that they were so cute!!! the next thing I knew was that they were in a box filled with hay in my hands and destine for my farm. So there you have it never take a fellow farmer to visit your sheep or you could end up with piggies. I luv it!!! Thanks L. they are wonderful..


  1. I love them! They are sooo cute! IF they go missing they are not in my barn....

  2. Don't you worry I will be doing pocket checks before yo u leave missy..hahaha!